Farewall Poem

Remembering the day

We first came to this beautiful place

Some crying, some sad n some confused.
Made some frds.
Probably the 1st one of our life.
But yet the last one to stay in our hearts.

Studying n playing in was fun.
Teachers were our 2nd parents in school
After this we are really gone miss these things.

After our school life
Classes toh hogi
In Economics class.
Who will say.
” Mere baccho is baat ko samjo”
Account class me ab kn bolega. Ki
“Jis ne HW nhi kiya khade ho jao”
Business studies ki class. Puche ga ki.
” Beta samjha. Understood. Aage badhe?

In Computer period who will insist
To ” Do Practice”
PE me ab shayad koi nhi  bolega k “phale padhlo fr ground jaana”

In English whos gona say “basically”
& “Not interested only”

In Maths who will explain the concept by saying. “Aap logon ko 1 baat pata h kya?”

Teachers not only taught us the subject.
But also guided us to be successful in our life.
They care for us, more than we do for our ourselves

After this no one will teach you any thing extra other than the subject.

My friends..
Life is amazing. Isn’t it??

Jab 1st time came to school we were crying.
N now when we are going to leave this all behind.
We r still emotional.

All want to cry , bt can’t. Coz now we r grown up.

-Gaurav (G2)