Score High In Your Examination

Tips for scoring good in your Board Exams.

#1 Believe In Your Self.

This is foremost barrier to be crossed for scoring high marks in marks. One need to believe in his/her ability to learn, memorize & reproduce what has been learnt. Exams are nothing but the test of our faith, confidence & knowledge.


#2 Follow a time- table

A well set time table allotting specific duration for studying, sleeping, playing/sufiring the net & eating can help every student a lot. Every above quoted things has to be done every day. A proper shedule can help a student beat examination stress.

#3 Set Every Day Goals

Preparation should be done every day to excel at the day of exam without depending upon any miracle capsule to bail you out at the last movement. By setting everyday targets & goals, one achieve incredible results in terms of efficency & perfomance.

#4 Take Care of Your Health

“Health is Wealth”. This Advantage never fail. Only a sound body & sound mind can work effictively towards achieving any objective. Thus to sum up, healthy body is a mandate for rigorous mental exercise that that come up during examinations.


#5 Practice Daily

we eat daily, we sleep daily, so why not study daily?

Rgular practice in every subject will keep student close to a subject. If one avoids any subject for more than three days in a go, he/she is bound to lose interest in it.

#6 Play Games

Playing games – both the indoors & outdoors, hepl in inculcating a practical approch towards dealing with a problem along with beating the examination stress.

#7 Presentation

Till now we have discussed the pre-exam tips. This is a crucial tip while writting the examinations. A systematic & neat display of answers can boost your chance of scoring high.

#8 Time Management

You need to manage time not noly during exam preparations, but also at the time of  solving the Question paper. Carrying a wrist watch during exam is an excellent way to manage time well. You should also try to save some time at the end of the paper to recheck the answers.

time management

#9 Sleep Well

A sound sleep a night before exam helps us relax & rejuvenate our mind. The tired brain need & we need to understand the need to understand the need of uor brian, only then we will be able to make the most out of it especially during examinations.

#10 Relax Yourself

This last but not the least. Relaxing is like Meditating. when we are relaxed we are the most efficent in reproducing what we have learnt.


Best of Luck !!